• Again!

    This week I received 2 Awards....

    Thank you very much to the great Janetteria  for the "lovely blogger"....
    I shall pass it to:
    -The great and amazing Shoes from around the globe wich is one of my favourite blog. I  visit it daily and it is a great great inspiration.
    Am-lul stylish!
    Dont be so french refreshing!
    Un nouveau ideal pointu!
    - Chic Heroin very fashion!

    Then, Lovely and talented Sofie from Modediktat gently gave me this beautiful
    many many thanks.....and I shall pass it to
    - Marian Kihogo
    - play like a girl
    - Haute world
    - Sanaa-K

    Please go and check these blogs, they worth it!

    But actually the best award in the world is your support and lovely comments...
    thanks a lot! 

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  • Commentaires

    Dimanche 23 Août 2009 à 08:28
    Merci beaucoup pour ce magnifique prix!
    Chaque jour je pense à tes illustrations et comment doué tu es,
    je suis heureux de tu connaître!Tu es spéciaux!
    Dimanche 23 Août 2009 à 10:24
    Congratulation my dear!!!
    Your talents & creativity will continue to charm lots of people!
    Thanks for your kind words as well...
    Lovely weekend darling~ 
    Dimanche 23 Août 2009 à 17:08
    Hi Sofiasofie

    Firstly, congrats on these blog awards!!

    Your shoe drawings are adorable! Isn't it true that a lady can never get enough pretty shoes?? ;)

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Dimanche 23 Août 2009 à 22:07
    CONGRATS to all awards - you deserve them so very much, love!!
    xoxo sofie
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