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    sandales, compensées, talons, wedges

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    Vendredi 2 Avril 2010 à 11:49

    Sophia! That is too scary: I was JUST THIS MINUTE thinking of you, thinking I hadn't heard from you in a while & meant to come say hi & see what you've drawing recently. I LOVE these wedges: I can practically feel they are soft suede.

    Funny I was just working on photos I've uploaded... a pair of mismatched sparkly sequin flat sandals I think you'd like.. how are you? Happy Belated Fish Day! xox 

    Vendredi 2 Avril 2010 à 13:48
    Love the wedges!
    Looks quite comfy as well~
    Dimanche 4 Avril 2010 à 14:33
    these are cute honey
    happy wknd
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