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     the efortlessly-cool Kelsey of The anthology  passed along the Divine award, which comes with a tag (to list five guilty pleasures).....
    so here it goes;
    1- buying shoes, even when I shouldn't.
    2- Eating a BIG muffin after my daily 1h footing.
    3- staying in bed and watch some episodes of Ugly Betty till veryyyyy late.
    4- going shopping when I should stay home and make some cleaning instead .
    5-  eating a  homemade crêpe (or some crêpes!) with nutella (oh déééélices!) after dinner....

    Actually, after reading it, it could be worst.....
    now let's see what they say Modediktat, Janetteria, Marian Kihogo, Lenorenevermore, pic by polka dot .

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    Vendredi 2 Octobre 2009 à 00:41
    I'm crazy about crepes! I have them with strawberry jam at street fairs, though. :)
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