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    Jeudi 28 Janvier 2010 à 06:16

    Pretty! :-)

    Jeudi 28 Janvier 2010 à 15:14

    j'adore les couleurs* c'est pour madame ballerine
    Vendredi 29 Janvier 2010 à 16:35
    hi sofia sophie, lovely to hear from you. i've missed your charming blog: so many shoes! did i ever tell you, when i was younger, all i did was draw shoes? in class, i'd doodle on my notebooks, shoes, shoes, shoes. then i found a pair of shiny red patent high heels in a vintage shop in nyc & brought them everywhere (still have them). i photographed them everywhere as a kind of self portrait. then i started writing a story about them.. and a film.. it's all packed away somewhere, and i moved on to other things, but i always thinking about them.. 

    where do you find the inspiration for these shoes? are they real? did you design them in your head? 

    i love these - i picture them in suede with satin trim beautiful colours.

    hope you're well sofia sophie! xoxo

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