• Torremolinos playa....

    playa de Aro

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    Samedi 8 Août 2009 à 07:42
    Ceux-ci sont magnifiques, ils me rappellent l'Été et ils semblent confortables!
    Samedi 8 Août 2009 à 17:14
    c'est charmant!
    Dimanche 9 Août 2009 à 05:10
    hi Sofia, thanks for the visit, i trust you enjoyed your stay, I would love to see you retrun for more. We have the same interests basically... My opinion of your drawings is, you will be a welknown designer soon, maybe for Christian Louboutin or Prada or whom ever you choose! Your drawings are manjefique! Love your site, and I know it is early for a serious work relationship, but I'd love to exchange links with you. Please give me a shout if you are keen.
    Colin.   site of drawings also
    Ps, here is a site that you will enjoy: not sure if i have done this right now, and not sure if the site will show in this comment, but the site name is "the sydney girl" and you  will find her link in my blog roll, you guys have the same interests also, please give it a try.
    Dimanche 9 Août 2009 à 09:38
    Fabulous drawings, are you studying footwear design?
    sofiasophie Profil de sofiasophie
    Dimanche 9 Août 2009 à 14:47
    Gerri; on peut presque écouter le "clac-clac" des chaussures en marchant....

    Lee de-luxe; la couleur est sympa...

    sexy legs and body; No doubt! I'll go back to your blog and visit it again!

    Imelda Matt; Thanks for your kinds words.... I am not studying but I would love to do so! 
    Dimanche 9 Août 2009 à 20:49
    Lovely flat! :-)

    Mardi 25 Août 2009 à 09:45
    c'est tout à fait mon style!j'adore!
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